Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'll be back soon!

I did it.

I made the decision to go rouge and do this on my own. For a fraction of the cost I ordered my HCG supplies from one of the pharmacies that my HCG online friends recommend. I am saving between $450-650.

I admit, I am nervous. Especially since I had the thyroid issue last time. That being said, I still have the extra thyroid pills that they prescribed for me last time. I guess I can add those in again if I start having the same symptoms this time.

No matter what, I am excited. It will take awhile for everything to get here. I am hoping to be able to load the weekend of Sept 11-12 and start on the 13th. That is the weekend of my son's birthday party and I want to enjoy it. Or over-enjoy if you know what I mean.

Can't wait to get back on here and keep you posted on my progress.

Where am I at now. Well, I have gained 12lbs back. Yikes, I know. I think this is because I wasn't able to do the full 3 weeks of P3. Everyone says how important that is. I am hoping that is it. I haven't made the best food choices (gosh, I love ice cream!) and I haven't been very good about any exercise. So, I am working on making healthier food choices so that I can drop some of that weight even before I start the protocol again. I am also getting back to my Pilates 2x a week and dusting off my treadmill. Time to get back in control.

Hugs and see you soon.

Enjoy life,