Thursday, May 27, 2010


Woohoo! Another .6 lbs off of my body. I am in the serious bonus zone right now. When I started this program I was hoping to lose 22 lbs. Then I quickly changed it to losing 10% of my body weight. I have done both and now consider any extra lbs to be bonus.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I won't be able to post again until Monday, at the earliest. It is most likely going to be Tuesday before you see a post though. Tomorrow I head out of town to spend the day with a great friend. We spend most of the day indulging in our favorite hobby, scrapbooking. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to eat. We usually eat out for lunch and dinner when we have these get togethers. I just don't know where to eat. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to eat out and what/how to order?

Then on Saturday, I head to the coast for a weekend with another friend and more scrapbooking. This one should be easier, providing I remember my HCG injections. We have the meals worked out. It will be similar to cooking for my family at home. I will make the entrees and veggies and if she wants a side dish, she will make one. That all seems fine, but there are a lot of habits associated with this trip. We usually have lattes at the local coffee house, we usually have wine and treats. Sigh. I won't have the treats, I won't have the wine, but I am trying to figure out how to do the coffee. They do have a latte made with coconut milk. Do you think that would be okay??? I know that it is not strictly Dr. S's protocol, but I know other HCG clinics/protocols use coconut oil.

And, since I won't likely be posting until Tuesday, I thought I would share the recipe I am using to make our dinner this evening. I used the recipe that I got from here. The changes I made include the addition of garlic powder and I used a whole roast instead of 100g of steak. I will pull out my HCG approved servings once it is cooked.

Just a reminder, the best cuts of steak for P2 are: filet mignon, flank steak, T-bone, top round, top sirloin or tenderloin, with all visible fat removed.
The best cuts of roast for P2 are: bottom round, eye of round, and sirloin tip.

HCG Crock Pot Roast
lean roast or steak
1/2 C dehydrated, minced onion
1 Tbs onion powder
1/2 tsp celery seed
1 Tbs garlic powder
1 C beef broth or more if needed

Put meat in crockpot, add remaining ingredients. I make sure the broth comes at least 1/2 way up the sides of the roast. Cook according to your crockpot's specifications and depending on size of meat cut. For my 2lb roast I am cooking it on low for 8 hours.

I will let you know how it turns out the next time I post.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Wahoo! I am on the losing side again! I lost 1 lb yesterday. I will take it.

Did pretty good yesterday. No peanuts and no chocolate, but I still had that very low fat cheese stick. I just can't help it. I am exercising a lot and am soooo very hungry in the afternoon. It is my worst time. I try to stay busy and drink my water and teas, but I am still very hungry. The cheese stick and my apple really tie me over. I will try today not to have one. I will be away from the house in the afternoon so I stand a better chance.

I realized recently that I have been more successful at weight loss with HCG than I have ever been with any other program. My only other big success was with Weight Watchers when I was in graduate school. I lost 29 lbs and reached a weight that is about 7 lbs less than I am right now. It was a lot of hard work. The most bizarre thing that came out of it was that I developed a wicked sweet tooth. Seriously, I was never a sweets craver until I did that fat and fiber for points plan. Obviously, there was no resetting of my metabolism or my hypothalamus hormones. I have more hope this time.

Another fantastic recipe last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The hubby wasn't home for dinner last night so I made this just for myself. I broke my sous chef rule and made the kids some raviolis for their entree last night. I can do that without temptation because, well, I can't eat the raviolis because I am allergic to wheat and can't eat gluten. Lucky me. ;)

I made a number of changes to the recipe to make it even "more Thai." By that I mean that I made sure all the Thai tastes were in there: spicy, sweet, salty, sour and savory. If you look up Thai cooking methods that is usually listed as one of the fundamentals. I wish I could have made this with fish sauce, but I can't find one that is sugar free. Of course, the bottle I have at home lists sugar as the last ingredient and for the 1 Tbs serving it only has 10 cals and 1 g of sugar. Sigh. I used soy sauce instead.

This would also be more authentic with lime juice. If you want to be brave and go off protocol a tiny bit, you could sub lime juice for part or all of the lemon juice. Your call. I did it last night and still lost today.

Amy's Thai Beef Salad

1 Tbs chopped cilantro, or to your taste
1 Tbs chopped mint, or to your taste
lemon juice from about 1/2 a lemon, I needed more
1 tsp soy sauce or liquid aminos
stevia, to taste
cucumber (allowed amount)
3.5 oz (100g) lean steak, sliced thinly.
1 tsp sambal oelek
1-2 tsp minced garlic
ground pepper

In a medium dish combine the herbs, lemon juice, stevia and soy sauce. Peel, seed and chop (or slice, whatever you prefer) the cucumber and add to the lemon juice mixture and stir well. Allow the cucumbers to marinate in the lemon mixture for at least 30 mins, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, it a small bowl combine the sambal oelek, garlic, pepper and 1 Tbs water. Add the steak and stir well to coat the steak with the seasonings. Saute the coated steak in a pan with 1 Tbs water (add more, if needed) over med-hi heat until done to your liking. My steak slices were so thin this only took a couple of minutes.

Serve over the cucumbers. Makes one HCG protein serving and one veg.
Boy, oh boy was this delicious! It was spicy too, so adjust the sambal oelek if you want a milder dish. I am certain my hubby would have liked it and I plan to make it for a friend when we go away this weekend for a scrap retreat.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A sad day on the scale. I am up .2 lbs.

I am not going to stress about it, really. Several things can explain it:
1. Salt. I had too much salt yesterday, plain and simple. My ring, which lately has been so loose it spins on my finger, was tight this morning. Ugh.
2. Inflammation from exercise. I have really been hitting the treadmill and strengthening exercises lately and pilates has just been intense.
3. Cheating. I admit it, I cheated. I had 9 chocolate chips and 6 pieces of peanuts (they weren't even whole). Oh, and a low fat mozzarella stick from Trader Joe's. I have actually been having one of those for a couple days now. I have just been so hungry from all the extra exercise and I did continue to lose. Well, it is time to crack down and not cheat anymore. I want to see if I can lose another 7 lbs over the last few days of P2.
4. Aunt Flo is due to arrive on Sunday....maybe (she hardly ever visits since I got the Mirena, sorry, TMI). But it seems too far out to be the reason. It is more likely the other 3 and mostly, well, #3.

The fun news is that I sorted through all of my smaller clothes that I had stored for a long time. I was surprised by how many things fit me now. I am fitting in 14/16 tops (down from 20s) and size 18 pants (down from 22)! I have more (size 14s and 16s) that will fit in about 10 lbs (I hope). I cleaned out a bunch of too large clothes and plan to give those away.

Problem is that the smaller clothes that now fit are kind of a mish-mash assortment. I need some basic camis/tanks to go under some of the blouses, shirts and sweaters. The pants are the wrong color for the tops I have, etc. I may go get the most basic of camis/tanks to get through this. I will get them a little snug so they will last. I have about a week left of the 500 cal diet and don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff until I know where I am going to stabilized for awhile.

Made a fantastic recipe last night. I got it from here.
HCG Kung Pao Chicken (adaptation for kiddos is below)
Per serving:
3.5 oz (100g) raw chicken breast, cut into 1" cubes
chopped onion (allowed amount)
3 cloves garlic, minced
1-2 tsp fresh ginger, minced or grated

Marinade (this is adaptable, I used 1/2 C each for 1 lb of chicken):
1 part soy sauce or liquid aminos (follow your plans recommendations)
1 part unseasoned rice vinegar

Other (these are the measurements I used for about 1/2 lb of chicken because I cooked the kids portions differently, see below):
1-2 Tbsp sambal oelek (chili paste)
1/2 C broth, plus more for cooking, if needed
1 Tbs soy sauce
1-2 tsp unseasoned rice vinegar

In a dish appropriate for the amount of chicken you are using, mix the marinade ingredients and add the cubed chicken. Allow to marinate in the refrigerator for 30 min-1 hr.
Using a wok or other appropriately sized pan, stir-fry or saute chicken for about 5 min, browning all sides. If you don't use non-stick pans you made need to add small amounts of broth to keep the chicken from sticking or burning.
Add sambal oelek to pan and continue cooking for another 1-2 min.
Check chicken pieces to be certain they are cooked through, then remove to a bowl and set aside.
Add onion to pan and saute until tender, again using broth if necessary. Add in garlic and ginger and cook for another 1-2 min. Add chicken broth, soy sauce and rice vinegar and continue to cook about 3 mins, allowing the sauce to reduce slightly. Put chicken back into sauce mixture and warm for 1-2 min more.
It is tricky to measure out an HCG portion once the onions and sauces are mixed together. I had to make my best estimate. In hind site it would have been better to cook my husband's portion and my portion separately.

This makes a very tasty, somewhat spicy and very satisfying HCG dinner. My husband served his over rice.

Kid's Portion
I really dislike being a sous chef and making everyone their own dinners. I refuse to do it. However, if it is easy and doesn't really disrupt the dinner making process, I will customize some things for my kids. This was one of those things. I knew it would be too spicy for them. I took about half a pound of the cubed, marinated chicken and stir-fried it separately in a small amount of peanut oil (that is what I have always used for stir-fries). After about 5 min I added in about 1.5 tsp each minced garlic and fresh minced ginger and continued to cook until the chicken was completely cooked. My kids LOVED it. It was easy enough to do. I just took their chicken portion out of the marinade and voila, they had a dinner they could eat and enjoy and mommy didn't feel like a sous chef.


Monday, May 24, 2010


3.4 lbs lost over the weekend! Woot!

I am heading out to see my doc in a few minutes, but I just had to post my incredible results. I will come back with more later today.

----Okay, I'm back. Got my measurements from the doc office. They only measure waist and hips. So far I have lost 4 inches from my waist and 9 inches from my hips! Holy Cow! That is so exciting. I am not very close to my 5k training weight and just 7 lbs from my lowest weight since I was 21. This is amazing.

It has been so much hard work, but I am seriously considering a second round. I even went so far as to plan it out on a calendar. My husband requested that I not be on the 500 calorie portion of the plan for our anniversary or my birthday (it's my 40th this year!). So....I think I will do another round in September. Will have to maintain the protocol for some football games, but I don't think that will be too hard. Since I can't eat gluten or wheat I have to bring my own food anyway. The people that we tailgate with are used to that. So, I will just bring my own, Simeon's approved foods. I am excited.

But back to the round I am on now. I only have 6 more injections. My last one will be next Sunday. Then I stay on the 500 cals diet for at least 72 hours and then I can start introducing other foods slowly. In order to complete the whole hypothalamus/metabolism reset, I must avoid starches and sugar for 3 weeks. I can do that, totally. My clinic follows a modified Mediterranean diet so I will stick with that, minus any grains or starchy veggies. They also want me to avoid artificial sweeteners as they can lead to inflammation. I can have stevia though.

Okay, made some fabulous fish last night. I used sole and cooked it en papillote (a little parchment paper wrapper). If you don't know how to fold the parchment paper, take a look at this for the technique (not the recipe).

Ginger Garlic Whitefish en Papillote
(one serving, multiply of making for a group)

3.5 oz (100g) of approved white fish (I used Dover Sole caught of the West Coast)
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated (this makes it into a paste of sorts)
1 tsp fresh garlic, minced or pressed
lemon juice, from 1/2 of a lemon (may take less)
black pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut parchment paper large enough to hold a single portion of fish. Mix the ginger and the garlic and spread on the fish fillet. If using two small and thin fillets as I did with the sole, spread the mixture between the two fillets. Pour lemon juice over the fillets and top with some freshly ground black pepper (add your salt at the table if necessary). Fold the parchment to seal the packet and place on a cookie sheet or in a shallow baking pan. Bake for 10-15 min or until fish is done.

Serve by placing packet on a plate and cutting an X in the middle of the paper and roll the edges back. This makes a very dramatic presentation. I would recommend removing the fish from the packets if serving children.

Makes 1 protein serving, but is easily multiplied.


Friday, May 21, 2010


I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost 1.6 lbs! I am so excited and ready to take on these last ten days of the protocol. Well, actually, 13 days because I continue the 500 cals for 3 more days after my last shot. The HCG will still be in my system, doing it's fat releasing job, so I need to stay on the diet.

I have been doing pretty well this week. With my dear hubby at a work retreat I have been flying solo around the house. Meals have been fast and simple affairs that do not require clean up. Like last night I made the kids hot dogs for their entree. I make them these Applegate Farms natural Turkey Hot Dogs. I knew they were good stuff and that is why I feed them to my kids. But I was looking at the nutritional info and saw that the dogs are only 40 calories each. The ingredients are basically turkey and spices. Here is the list: Turkey, Water, Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Sea Salt, Spices, Paprika, Garlic, Onion Powder.
I decided that I could eat them too. I had 2. With spicy brown mustard. Yum. They were a very nice change of pace.

I doubt Dr. Simeon would approve. Turkey is not on his list. But, surprisingly, the chicken hot dogs have more calories. There is only 2g of fat in each one (I eat more fat with my Simeons approved beef). The sodium is 260mg per dog. Not great, but not too bad either. Seriously, I can't think of a reason not to eat them other than being a Simeons purist. And I am not, so I am going to enjoy them again.

Have you tried anything that is fast and easy and might not fit the protocol exactly? I would love to hear if you have found any healthy and quick foods that work on the protocol.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yay! I am on the losing side again! I have officially lost all the "HCG tragedy" weight and a little more (.4 lbs). I am sooo glad that things are back on track.

But things are getting a little rough. I am SOOOO hungry! Not just empty stomach hungry, but woozy, queasy, light-headed hungry. I think my HCG has lost its potency. I called my doc and they are drawing up some new injections for me. Hopefully some fresh HCG will do the trick.

I ate something new yesterday. It was great. I made a frittata. I based the recipe on one that I found at another great website. I will put a link in my sidebar so you can easily find it.

You could make this frittata with most of the allowed veggies and you could change up the herbs and spices. This one was good, but I am thinking I will try one with tomatoes and basil....

HCG Frittata
3 egg whites
1 whole egg
asparagus (allowed amount)
1-2 cloves minced garlic
1 Tbs onion powder
1 Tbs water
1 tsp parsley
salt and pepper, to taste
HCG friendly hot sauce (I use Cholula)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Snap off woody ends of asparagus and discard. Break each spear into 2 inch pieces. Over medium heat saute garlic in a small amount of water or broth, just until fragrant. Add asparagus pieces and saute until tender, but not soft. Transfer to a non-stick, over-proof pan (if you didn't saute in one) or a parchment lined baking dish (this is what I did because I don't use Teflon coated pans). In a bowl mix egg whites, egg and water. Add onion powder, herbs, salt and pepper; mix well. Pour egg mixture over asparagus in baking dish. Cook in oven for 10-15 minutes until done.

I topped mine with lots of hot sauce and it was delish! I didn't try this on the family....

Makes one serving (1 protein and 1 veg)

For you non-HCGers out there, I think this would be divine if it were topped with a little crumbled feta. I will try that once I get to phase 3.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

P2D30 or P2D27

Wow, camping was an HCG tragedy for me. I did not stick with the protocol. Without going into gory details about what I did and did not eat, let's just say I had plenty of sugar, salt and fat while away.

But, let me start at the beginning of my transgression. I packed all my veggies and proteins and had every intention of sticking with the protocol. We were happily on our way to the campground and had made it about half way there when I realized that I did NOT pack my HCG injections. Aaaaah! We were too far to turn around in order to go home and get them. My doc's office was still open so I called them. The MA there said to not worry about it, stick with the program, but eat a little more protocol foods if I got hungry. But, somewhere in there she said eat whatever you want when you get hungry. And that is the part that stuck in my head. You can imagine how that conversation went: blah, blah, blah, blah, eat whatever you want, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So we arrive at the campground and I am still determined to stay the course. And then, CRAP! I realized that I did NOT pack all my teas. I had carefully selected and bagged days worth of all my teas so that I could stave off all my hunger cravings and food envy, yet those bags never made it in the van.

So now I am without my HCG injections and without my teas. What was I to do? Well, that first night I caved and had a roasted marshmallow or 3. Damn. Then I had some chocolate. Damn. It just got worse from there as the days progressed. By the time we needed to go into town to get more ice, I was in a full feeding-frenzy. I ate. Let's just leave it at that.

The scale was not kind this morning. I don't want to tell you what it said, but I am not going to change my weight on my ticker until I am back down and losing from my last entry. Wow, this sucks. The one thing that keeps me optimistic is that I ate a lot of salt. I am hoping half of my gain is water weight that will quickly come back off.

I am back on program today. I have resent my day count because I will extend it for the days I took my "break". I am hoping it won't be like week one all over again. But, if it is, that is the price I have to pay. Sigh.

If you have words of advice or encouragement I would love to see them!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Down another 1 lb today! Wahoo! Wa! and Hoo!

I was hungry most of the day yesterday, but held it together and stuck with the program. I didn't even overeat my burgers. I am quite proud of myself. I do wonder if my hunger yesterday was due to the increased exercise on Tuesday. Perhaps my body was trying to compensate with more calories (which I denied it). Or, perhaps, this batch of HCG isn't as good. I will bring it up to my doc when I see him tomorrow.

I am facing some challenges today. I am going out to lunch with a friend. She knows I am on the HCG protocol, so that won't be the issue. I just have to make sure I communicate my needs to my server. I am pretty confident I can do this as I have done it before while on HCG. I also have to do it when I am not on HCG because I have Celiac Disease. It takes a lot of questions and communication each time I order in a restaurant just to be certain I won't eat a trace of wheat or gluten.

The biggest challenge today is when I go to the movies with my friend Kim. We need this night out as we haven't and won't get a chance to see each other for quite a while. The challenge will be that I will be out late and won't be able to fill up on tea or water. If I do that, I will be going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and will miss most of the movie. So, my plan is to save my apple until the movie. I will cut it up and put it in a baggie so I won't be crunching in the theater. That should help. Any other suggestions??

I do have a recipe to post today. I actually made it over the weekend, but forgot about posting it. Better late than never. Once again, I have adapted this from my favorite HCG recipe base (link in side bar).

HCG French Onion Soup
2 C fat free beef broth or stock (I used Health Valley No Salt, Fat Free Beef Broth)
1 whole sweet onion, thinly sliced
1/4 tsp dried thyme
salt and pepper to taste
Saute onions in 1-2 Tbs broth in a medium sauce pan over low heat. And I do mean low. Stir them onions slowly and saute until they become slightly caramelized (browned). Add splashes of broth as necessary. This will take some time, but it is totally worth it. As Chef Tyler Florence said, "brown taste good." Once the onions are good and caramelized, add the remaining beef broth and thyme. Bring soup to a boil then allow to simmer for about an hour. Add salt and pepper before serving, to taste. The result is a rich tasting treat.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Woot! Down 1.6 since Monday! Yay!

I missed posting yesterday because I was home again, but not with a sick kiddo. This time was a scheduled day off for both my husband and me. Was it a romantic day together catching up and rekindling our romance? Sadly no. Sigh. We had to take the day off so we could work around our house while the kids were in school/daycare. Yesterday was devoted to our garage. We spent the entire day getting rid of stuff and unpacking those boxes that have been in there since we moved (17 months ago!). And we kicked butt. That garage looks amazing now.

All that work really wiped me out. I was so tired at the end of the day. And today I am sore. I am sure that pilates and full garage cleaning in one day was a bit much, but it had to be done. And today I find myself not feeling 100% (could be allergies) and I am hungrier than usual. I think my muscles are screaming for more food. That reminds me, I should take my amino acids supplement....that should help.

Okay, nothing exciting on the food front. Wanna see my menu today? It is soooo exciting.
B: MR shake
S: amino acid supplement
L: fat free cottage cheese (heard it was okay once in awhile), cucumbers
S: apple, amino acid supplement
D: burgers, veggie
S: amino acid supplement

I know, I know. I am having burgers again. The very same thing that caused me to lose control a couple of weeks ago. I need to try them again. I will not freak out and eat the leftovers. It hurt too badly last time. It wasn't worth it.

Wish me luck,


Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm back! I am sorry for no Friday post. I was home with a very sick little boy. At one point his 2.5 year old body temperature got as high as 105.3! It was scary, but he is well now.

Since Thurs I have lost 1.4lbs. Kind of disappointing compared to the rate I have been losing, but still 1.4lbs in a few days. I will take it. I am not going to stress too much. I believe most people have some sort of "stall" after about 3 weeks. From what I have heard, if I stay the course, stick with the plan, don't cheat and keep on keepin' on, the weight will keep coming off.

The thyroid issue is clearing up. I am feeling much better. I am not seeing as much hair falling out and my energy levels are up (I am not sitting on the couch after dinner, covered with 3 blankets anymore). My skin still seems dry, but it can take awhile to see the changes from the thyroid levels when it comes to that. Overall, I am feeling much better. I might even hit the treadmill again tonight!

Other than my sweet boy being sick, the weekend went well. I did attend the amazing Scavenger Hunt that my friends organize and I stuck with the program. Despite heavy drinking all around me, I had none. The catered dinner was fabulous, from what I hear. I had the chicken that the chef made. That was fabulous and probably did not meet protocol, but it was the best I could do. I brought my own veggies for lunch and dinner and did bring my own protein for lunch. I am rather proud of myself. I know I couldn't have done it without the HCG.

I have a new recipe to share. This one was amazing. I can't wait to make it again, and again. It is called Beef Negimaki. I got the recipe from Sandra Lee on the Food Network. She, of course, makes a quick adaptation of the original Japanese recipe. I, in turn, have made an HCG version of her recipe. You should really try it.

Beef Negimaki
Roast Beef Sandwich slices (about 1/8 inch think, 4x6 inches) I used one that was 30 cals/slice
asparagus, washed and tough, bottom ends trimmed
HCG teryaki sauce (below)

Preheat grill (outdoor or Foreman)
Soak 3 slices roast beef, per serving, in the teryaki sauce for 5-10 min. Lay one slice of beef on work surface. Take 3-4 asparagus spears and lay them at one end of the beef. Roll the spears in the slice of beef and secure end with a toothpick. Repeat for remaining beef and asparagus.

Grill bundles. I used my Foreman grill and in 3 mins I had perfectly cooked asparagus. Sandra Lee suggests 6 minutes on a regular grill, turning the bundles half way through.

Amy's HCG "Teryaki" sauce
2 Tbs mirin (Japanese rice cooking wine, I used Eden brand as it has no added sugars and negligible alcohol content)
3 Tbs low sodium soy sauce (use Liquid Aminos is following a pH protocol)
1 Tbs rice vinegar (unseasoned as seasoned rice vinegar has sugar added)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground ginger
dash cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients together. This made enough sauce to soak 6 slices of beef. I had enough left over that I tossed extra asparagus in it before I cooked it on the grill. If you are using this to marinate raw meat, do not reuse it.


And, hey, any suggestions for camping while on HCG? Please give me any help you can!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Down a little today. 0.6lbs! I'll take it.

Yep, it was the thyroid. I called my doc after my post yesterday. The result: I have to take more thyroid meds. I took some today and already feel a change in my energy level. Hopefully some of the other symptoms will clear up.

I have a couple challenges coming up: a scavenger hunt this weekend and camping for 4 days/3 nights the next weekend. Please, I need some suggestions. I need your help and encouragement for these events.

The scavenger hunt will be tricky because there is a lot of drinking involved. In fact, the teams get points for pics taken at different bars, if people are doing shots. We have a designated driver, so no worries there. But I am not the DD. I guess I will tell people I am on meds that won't allow me to drink. I can pose with water in my shot glass. Then there is a catered dinner after the hunt. A really good, gourmet, catered dinner. My plan is to bring my veggies and eat the chicken breast that I know will be served. And some of the prizes are truffles and various other food things. Help!

I tried on some of my stored, too small, clothes last night. I am able to wear a few things. Some of them are way out of season so I have put them in the giveaway bin. I should be too small for them soon. It was quite exciting. I will be able to wear more and more very soon.

I am trying a new recipe that I adapted from a Food Network show. I will let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

Since I haven't posted my daily menu in awhile, here is what I am eating today:
B: MR shake
protein pill
L:chicken breast (leftovers from freezer), minted cucumbers, fiber
S: protein pill and apple
D: new recipe (an asparagus beef dish)

I am still drinking lots and lots of water and green and red teas. They get me through. I am also taking a few probiotic pills each day to counter the affects of the penicillin.

Okay, have a great evening,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


No loss on the scale today. I am okay with it. My body fat percentage went down a little, which makes me think I gained some lean muscle mass while burning some fat yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised. Yesterday's pilates was quite a workout for some of my muscles. I am actually a little sore today.

I am also comforted by knowing that the lack of change on the scale is not because I ate too much yesterday. I did very well; I was a good HCG protocol dieter. Actually, I have been a very good HCGer except for my one, 2oz burger overindulgence last week. Yay me!

Today I thought I would talk about some of the negatives or potential negatives about this diet.

Hunger: yes, I am hungry a good deal of the time. But it is not the "feed me now!" hunger or the dizzy nausea that comes with low-blood sugar hunger. I am so glad for that because that kind of hunger would drive me over the edge of sanity. It is just an annoying, empty stomach feeling that is tolerable. It has improved as I have progressed. I am either getting used to it or the HCG is doing the trick. Or both.

Dry skin: yes, this is happening, especially on my hands. Because I am not supposed to use any moisturizers or lotions that contain fats my skin is suffering. I am using my moisturizer on my face once at night and once in the morning. My face seems to be doing pretty well. But my poor hands. My formerly baby soft and supple hands are like sandpaper and I hate it! I have started to use lotion once or twice a day, but it just doesn't keep up. I have actually taken to not washing my hands as much as I used to as this contributes greatly to the dryness. This is one thing I am glad will only last for another 3 weeks or so.

Hair loss: I think I am losing some hair. Not a lot, just a bit extra in the comb/brush. My doc warned me that the HCG could mess with my thyroid meds so I think I will have my levels tested. The dry skin and my cold hands are also symptomatic that my thyroid levels are off. It is possible that I am losing hair just because I am not eating very much. I will keep you posted on this one.

Fatigue: yep, my stamina is down. I can still do pilates or the treadmill, but after a day full of activity (work, shopping, playing with the kids) I am wiped out. I was having those spikes of energy in the beginning, but those seem to have faded. This could be due to the strep infection and subsequent antibiotics. Those antibiotics wipe out my natural (and much needed) gut bacteria. This could be causing me to absorb fewer nutrients. And when you are taking in few nutrients to begin with, any decrease in absorption can have great affect. Today is my last day of taking the penicillin. I am hoping that after a few days of being off of them and taking higher doses of probiotics will solve this issue.

Boredom with food: I am bored. I have a list of like 15 foods I can eat. You can only prep them so many ways to have different flavors. And you can only have so many servings of minted cucumbers and tangy tomato soup before you want something different. Or, at least, that is how things work for me. I am a novelty seeker in most things. I love experimenting, I love trying new things. I don't re-read many books, I don't re-watch movies or TV shows. When I am not on HCG I make a recipe 4 or 5 times max before I set it aside. I may take it up in 6 mos to a year, but sometimes never. I think this is my own personal issue and one that I will just deal with. It does seem to be worth it.

And on that note, enough of this negative stuff! I am really doing well. I love the results and that keeps me going. I just want people to realize how incredibly hard this is. It is not for the faint of heart or those with "vanity pounds" to lose. I can't imagine doing this if I only had 20 lbs to lose. I have so much more than that to lose. Let's put it this way, I was beginning to consider bariatric surgery. With HCG I am getting super great results and it does seem to be targeting my problem areas. I don't think I will need that surgery and all its risks and side effects.

I am nearly half way there. I need to stop reading food blogs. I need to stay the course and carry on. I can do this and I am proud of how far I have come in just a few weeks.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


OMG! Down another 1.6 lbs! I have about 6 lbs to lose and I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight. That is still obese, but I haven't seen that weight in over 3 years! This is unbelievable.

Really, it is. It is taking my mind awhile to catch up. I am in weight loss denial and it kind of scares me. I am starting to really see the changes though. Mostly in the way my clothes fit. It is pretty amazing. Hard to tell if I am getting sagging skin, but I don't think so. The clapper is still very much at home on my body. It has shrunk quite a bit, but it not taking on that deflated balloon look I would expect if my skin was sagging. We shall see. I am slowly starting to believe this is real.

I need my hubby to get my smaller clothes from storage. I can probably wear a lot of them now. That will be another trigger for my brain. Clothes I haven't worn in years are in there. Clothes I spent a lot of money on because our budget was different a few years back. Can't wait to see them. It will be like reuniting with old friends. I may only be able to wear them for a short while though. If I keep up this pace, I may shrink beyond some of those items. Some of them are from when I was training to run 5ks. I was my smallest since college (again, still obese, but a good 10-15 lbs lighter than I am now). I might make it to those clothes. It's amazing.

I do feel a bit better today. Tomorrow is my last day on antibiotics. Yeah! My body doesn't like being on them. My intestines are particularly mad. They want their regular bacteria back. I am trying to keep things right by taking probiotics, but then the penicillin comes in twice a day to wipe them out. Oh well, everything will get back to normal in a few days.

Oh, last night's dinner: lemon garlic chicken. It was good. It took forever to bake in my oven. My oven is wretched. I bought an oven thermometer to see how bad it was and it is BAD. I had the temp set to 400 degrees, on the convection setting (so the temp should stay relatively constant) and it hovered close to 325. It is a wonder I haven't killed anyone with undercooked meat. It is a good thing I am obsessive about checking meat temps.

Okay the recipe:
Lemon Garlic Chicken
chicken breast, washed and patted dry
5-7 whole garlic cloves, peeled
1/4 C fat free chicken broth
juice of 1 lemon, approx 3 Tbsp
1/2 tsp dried oregano

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place garlic and broth in roasting pan. Lay chicken pieces over the garlic cloves. Pour lemon juice over chicken and sprinkle spices over the top. Roast in oven, turning occasionally until chicken is gold and most of the broth mixture has evaporated. I like to cook my chicken to an internal temp of 160-165. Let the cooked chicken breasts rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting into serving sizes. The roasted garlic cloves can be served with the chicken, along with some additional lemon wedges.

3 0z chicken for the HCG dieters.

So this was well received by the whole family. I wouldn't say they raved about it, although my 7 year old did ask for more.

I am off to the local Farmer's Market. Enjoy your day!


Monday, May 3, 2010


Down another 2.2 this weekend! Woot!

I am not feeling so great today. I don't know if it is the antibiotics (3 more days of them to go, sigh), the HCG diet, my period sort of showing up or a bug. Or a combo of any or all of them. All I know is that I feel like I want to lay down and rest. I don't feel well sitting here at my computer at work. I think I will wait a bit and see how I do.

The weekend with the parents wasn't too bad. I had the will power of a saint. I stayed on program and my parents seemed to accept my odd eating behaviors as a result of the antibiotics. We didn't do lunch with them and for dinner we all had some version of hot dogs. The kids had their natural turkey dogs, hubby and parents had some home made sausages from a friend (I can't even eat them off HCG because they have gluten in them) and I tried the Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs. They were fair. Actually, they were barely tolerable. I don't know if I needed to grill them longer or if they cooled down too much before I ate them, but they were an odd texture and the taste hardly made up for it. I will give them a second chance, but was not impressed the first time.

On Saturday evening, while everyone was having treats and snacks galore (I won't torture you with a list), I drank my tea. I was very proud of myself.

On Sunday, Aunt Flo arrived. Or, rather, she knocked on my door, but didn't really come in. It was an odd, short visit. I haven't had her visit in years (Mirena) and this was merely a suggestion of a visit. I was in a bit of a panic because I had never discussed what to do with my doc. Since Flo hasn't been here in so long, we all just assumed she wouldn't visit while I was on HCG. Hmmm. I looked up what to do online and I am supposed to not do shots, but eat the VLCD while she is here. But, I had already done the morning shot when she arrived and today, she was pretty much gone. I decided to do a shot today. Not sure what the main problem is with doing the shots while she is here. I will have to check with my doc.

Last night I tried a new recipe that I adapted from my favorite source (see link at right).
Taco Salad
1 lb super lean ground beef
1/2 Tbs chili powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp ground cumin
salt and pepper
3/4 C water

Over medium-high heat brown ground beef, breaking it up as you are cooking. Meanwhile, combine spices in a small bowl. Drain beef of all fat and return to pan. Add spices and water. Simmer until water is evaporated, stirring regularly.

Serve 3 0z over chopped lettuce for the HCG dieter and use remaining ground beef as your family likes. Mine made quesadillas and tacos.
Since my doc has allowed me to go against Simeon's one veggie/meal rule, I added a small amount of chopped tomato and sweet onions to my salad. I also added some hot sauce and a small amount of my Walden Farms Blue cheese dressing. It ended up being pretty good.

I have left overs for lunch and tonight I will be trying a lemon garlic chicken recipe. Will let you know how it all turns out tomorrow.

Now I need to decide if I am staying at work or going home...