Monday, January 31, 2011


Back to life, back to reality!

My little weekend of escape from reality hit me in the butt, big time.  I managed to load on 6.6 lbs this weekend! Yikes!  Now, some of that is water weight.  You can't eat out for 9 consecutive meals and not take in a bit of sodium.  I know I will see a big drop tomorrow and the rest will come off soon. 

Boy, the hubby and I had a good time!  We enjoyed the 48 hours of not being responsible for anyone but ourselves.  We saw Brian Regan, watched a movie in a real theater, explored bookstores, and walked and wandered all over town.  We ate at fancy places and hole-in-the-wall places.  Had a few cocktails too.  All of it was yummy and I overate.  I was sick after almost every meal (is that the HCG?  It kinda felt like morning sickness and I haven't experienced that yet on protocol....)

Anyhoo, it is back with the regularly scheduled program today.  And I am okay with that. 

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lost 0.6 lbs when I weighed in today.  Good enough, all things considered.

My husband turned 40 earlier in the month, but we are finally going to be celebrating it this weekend.  We are leaving the kids with their godparents (thanks J and D) and heading to the big city for two nights of fun.  And here is what I have decided.  I am going to continue the injections, but I am not going to be strict with protocol.  I'm going to enjoy a cappuccino if we go to a coffee house.  I am going to enjoy whatever gluten-free entree I can find at the nice restaurants we have reservations with.  I need an escape from my daily life more than anything right now and I have given myself permission to escape Dr. Simeon for 2 days.  I will deal with the consequences.

We head out of town tomorrow morning.  I will post again next Monday.

Thanks for all your support,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Not much loss on the scale this morning (-0.2 lbs).  But really I am glad there wasn't a gain.  My mind was such a mess last night.  I was complete jello.  I made some bad food decisions and didn't compensate for them by not having dinner.  Nope, I ate 2 cheese sticks and a hand full of almonds and a hand full of chocolate chips.  I was hungry, I was emotional and I was a goner.    Then I ate dinner and called it a night.  I was expecting a gain, but saw a small loss.  Perhaps I will see the full effect with a gain tomorrow.  That's okay, I will own it.  My brain needed more nutrients to get beyond yesterday's blues.

I do feel better today.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lost 0.6 lbs when I weighed in this morning.  A loss is a loss right?  Still, disappointing.  I love it when it is over 1 lb, but not today.

Anyway, keeping on protocol for the most part despite the rough times for my family right now.  I am struggling with my emotions surrounding my daughter.  It is hard advocating for your child and facing the fact that she may have a lifelong disability.  I know she will be fine and she is just wonderful the way she is.  But, we went through 8 or so years of thinking she was going to face life one way and now we are forced to change our perspectives and face a slightly different future. 

Yesterday and today have been hardest emotionally.  I don't think I could point to anything that has happened other than my mind is processing all of this.  It is almost like the grieving process with distinct phases.  I have just reached a phase in this process where I am struggling.  I am close to accepting it and want to find a way to move to the next step.  I want to start advocating for her with all of her teachers, but we don't have an official diagnosis yet.  I don't know if I should wait for it or go an advocate for her now.  I don't want to give her a label and have the pros come up with a different diagnosis...

It's just hard. 


Monday, January 24, 2011


What a busy weekend.  I was home again on Friday with my sick little boy.  He wasn't too bad (cold and ear infection) but this particular round of colds has led to a lot of kids with pneumonia so the pediatrician wanted him home until today.  It is hard for me to post when I am at home so that is why you are getting your first update today.

Since Thurs I have lost a total of 4.2 lbs!  That is such a great number!  I had one day of zero loss, but lost all the other days.  No complaints there!

Tried a few new recipes and most were dogs.  Let's just put it this way, I am never going to try to puree chicken to make "cream of chicken soup" again.  Blech!

Had dinner with friends at my house last night and was able to stay on program nicely.  I made my "Not Rocket Science Grilled Chicken" and everyone loved it.  And then I enjoyed a green salad with everyone else and they all had bread and/or mac and cheese (kiddos).  I don't have amazing willpower to resist the carbs...I have Celiac Disease and the carbs would make me really sick and set off a firestorm of immune responses.  No thanks.  I guess the ability to resist soft, white bread is my silver lining in the cloud that is Celiac. 

My lunch today is another new recipe and it is pretty good.  I know I got it from somewhere out there in web world, but I don't know where.  So, with humble apologies for not crediting the originator of the recipe, here it is:

Lemon Chicken Soup
1-2 C chicken broth
100g chicken breast, cooked and diced (I use leftovers)
baby spinach leaves (allowed amount)
1 Tbsp dried, minced onion flakes
1 tsp dried thyme (or your favorite herb)
lemon juice, up to 1 lemon's juice
salt and pepper to taste

Bring chicken broth to a boil, add next 4 ingredients, return to boil, reduce heat and simmer 5 min, add lemon juice 1Tbs at a time, stir and taste after each addition.  Add until it reaches your desired taste.  The lemon can really take over easily if you add all the juice at once.  I used about 2 Tbs with this particular lemon today.  Season with salt and pepper to your liking and enjoy!

This is pretty good.  I might try oregano instead of the thyme next time.  Thyme next time, I crack myself up!  It might also be improved with the addition of a clove of garlic, crushed and sauteed in a little chicken broth as a first step.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Lost another 2.2lbs according to the scale today! 

I love the first week of P2, always such nice drops.  I know the .5 and 1 lb days are coming, even the zeros, but I am trying to enjoy these large losses for now.

Can't write too much today as I am home with a sick son.  He has a really bad cold and an ear infection.  Poor little guy.

I will also have to wait to catch up with the rest of you as I don't have all the bookmarks for your blogs at home.  I know you guys are doing well!

Okay, better go take care of Mr. Coughy Cougherson.  :)

Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Loading weight is GONE!  Lost another 3.4 lbs as of this morning!  Wahoo! 

I did see an uptick in my body fat percentage which is a little bothersome.  I am more concerned about losing lean muscle mass on this round because I had to drop my pilates classes.  (Quick review: my daughter is struggling with some social-developmental issues (she is getting tested for Asperger's Syndrome) and I needed to use my free time to help her which meant I had to sacrifice the pilates).  I am trying to find time in my evening schedule to add in some simple strength training exercises, but that is so much more easily said than done.  Sigh.

Anyhoo, made some tasty fish last night.  It is based on a fancier recipe that I make for my family.  You can see that version on my other blog.   So, here is the HCG friendly version.  I made all of fish this way and then added in some butter to thicken the sauce for the family.  Always a big hit.

Poached White Fish with Lemon

1 lb white fish (cod or sole are great)
1/2 C chicken or vegetable broth
2 lemons, 1 sliced very thinly, 1 juiced
1/2 tsp dried (or 1/2 Tbs fresh, minced) dill weed
Salt and pepper, to taste

Season fish with salt and pepper.  If using sole, fold each piece in thirds to prevent it cooking too quickly.  Pour broth into a large skillet.  Add fish/fish rolls and cover the fish with the thin slices of lemon.  Bring the broth to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer the fish for about 5-7 min (folded sole may take as little as 3 min) until it reaches desired doneness.  Transfer fish to a plate and sprinkle with dill.  Bring broth back to a boil and reduce by half (about 2 minutes), add lemon juice and remove sauce from the heat.  (Word of caution: if your lemon is very sour you may want to add a small amount at a time and taste, then add more if needed.  When there is no fat in the recipe, the lemon can easily take over and dominate the dish).  Serve fish with a couple of spoonfuls of the sauce over the top.  Yum!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Boy oh boy did I load!  I gained 6 lbs in 2 (really 3) days of loading.  I lost 4.6 of it when I weighed in this morning.  Woot!

In reality,  I have been loading for the last 2 months.  LOL.  Ever since my fabulous 40th bday party I have been eating like there are no consequences.  Well, there are consequences.  No matter, I am back on the program now. 

I am injecting 150 units/day for the next 4 weeks.  I am hoping that, despite my post-bday-holiday gains, I can still reach my round 3 goal of getting to onederland.  I did 4 weeks last time because I only bought one vial of the stuff.   I didn't realize that the mixed HCG only lasts 30 days. 

I liked the shorter round a lot better.  I did well and I actually stabilized really well, until my bday...ahem.   In fact, I am watching Lis over at Random Thoughts and HCG because she is doing a cyclic series of short rounds, followed by P3 and then right back into P2.  If she does well, I might consider doing it too. 

I won't give you a daily food diary, but here is what I eat over the course of the day (based on my doctor's protocol which I followed for round 1):

2, 100g servings of allowed meats
2 servings of allowed vegetables
1 allowed fruit
1 serving UltraMeal meal replacement shake (doc has us do this instead of a second fruit and the melba/grissini)

Other than the MR shake, it follows Dr. Simeon's protocol.  I will be trying some new recipes and making some old stand-bys.  I will post any successes so stayed tuned.

Enjoy the day,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Round 3, Holiday Regrets and GO DUCKS!

First, GO DUCKS!  Tonight is the BCS Championship game and I am so nervous and excited for my Ducks!  We really are a good team, but we are playing another really good team.  It is the type of team we haven't encountered A LOT like ours.  I would love it if we win, but as long as we play well, make it a good game, and prove we earned our place there, I will be a happy duck.   I have been cheering for this team most of my life and for most of it we either sucked or were mediocre.  I got both of my degrees from there.  You could say I bleed green and yellow.  It is so great to finally see them doing so well. 

Okay, round 3 is coming up for me.  I am loading this weekend at a scrap retreat weekend with my girlfriends.  They know all about HCG, but have never seen me load.  The reality is something to behold, right fellow HCGers???  Anyhoo, I was sure I was going to be able to start my round this month.  I had ordered my HCG Rx and supplies clear back at the beginning of Nov.  I checked on it every once in awhile and it seemed to be forever stuck in customs.  Then, out of the blue, I get this email one day that says that the online pharmacy received notification that I had received my product.  I got onto their live chat and explained the situation.  They reissued the prescription and it arrived just a couple of weeks later.  I am good to go!  Phew!

So...I did maintain for the longest time.  Then came Thanksgiving, my 40th bday and the rest of the holidays and there traditional foods and drinks.  I ate any amount of anything I wanted for about a month and a half.  I also didn't keep up with my exercise and have even had to drop my beloved pilates (long story, but I needed that time to spend with my daughter who is going through some developmental struggles right now, she needed me more than I needed the pilates).  The result of that free-wheeling month-o-eating is about a 9 lb gain.  Yikes!  I got back to eating P3 last week and started to feel much better.  Can't say much weight has come off, but I have been feeling better.  Darn those starches and carbs. 

So, the first half of my 4 week round will be losing what I gained since the last round.  Gosh I hate that.  After that round I am not going to wait so long for the next one.  Maybe then I won't have to re-lose some weight.

Looking forward to losing.  Would love to hear from you for any reason, but especially if we are going to be round buddies.

Enjoy the day,