Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello Friends!

Sigh. Where has the time gone?

I have been swamped with the goings-on in my life.  Advocating for my daughter has become my secondary job.  We finally have treatment plans for her and someone to help with that.  We are STILL in the process of doing assessments with the school district and those will determine what kinds of help they will provide to her.  All of this is especially critical right now as the school board, in all their wisdom, decided to close my daughter's school next year (despite the fact that it was the BEST performing school in the district for many years).  My sweet, socially awkward and shy girl will be walking into a new school next year and I want her armed with as many social tools and tricks as we can give her.  I also want the support programs in place so someone will be there to check on her throughout the day.

Then there is my "real" job.  I am the lead Biologist on a new project which has ballooned into a HUGE project that has to get done ASAP.  I am constantly working on this project in one way or another.

Add to that my favorite "job" which is being wife and mother.  Obviously my daughter's needs are taking up some of that time, but I am still trying to balance the needs of my 3 year old boy (he starts soccer tomorrow!) and my husband.  I must admit, I am falling woefully short in my duties as a good wife.  My poor husband.  It is a good thing he is a patient man.

And finally, there is me.  I am struggling to take care of me.  I am eking out exercise when I can.  I am still taking tap class once a week and have been able to add back one pilates class.  That leaves me with 5 days that I have to try to squeeze in a round on my treadmill or a walk with the fam.  I am making it happen about 3 out of 5 most weeks, so that is good.

As for dieting...well, I am far from being ready to take on another round of HCG.  I love the diet (well, the results), but it is one of the most mentally taxing and will-requiring things I have ever done.  I just don't have the metal fortitude to do it right now.  I botched my last round completely and failed to even do a P3.  As a result, I didn't reset my metabolism and found myself back to my pre-round 3 weight.  Sigh.  I am doing well with just counting calories.  It is working; I am losing weight slowly, but surely.  I track my progress on  It is easy and I have an app for my Android phone (they have them for iPhones too).  It's FREE.  If you want to join me, you can find me to friend me; look for Peapodamus.  The program can adapt to almost any diet out there.

Okay, so, you probably won't see much from me in the coming months.  I hope you understand, I just need to circle the wagons and take care of the things that are at the very top of my list.